Oxygen renewed.

We took a cue from basic biology when we decided to bottle the most vital element on earth. We all know how important vitamins, minerals, and water are to our health and vitality. But without oxygen, life ceases to exist in a matter of minutes. In fact, oxygen is so essential to life, it forms the building blocks for all living matter and drives nearly all metabolic functions. Even our abilities to think, feel, and act require oxygen-fueled energy production.

Since oxygen is so crucial to a healthy body, we asked ourselves if there was a simple and safe way to harness even more of this life-sustaining energy source. The answer is ASO®.

ASO®—Activated Stabilized Oxygen—is an all-natural liquid supplement containing one of the highest concentrations of bioavailable oxygen available today. Our proprietary formula provides a potent oxygen boost to help the body produce more energy and maintain peak mental and physical health. 

The Science of O₄

A product six decades in the making, ASO® technology starts with a simple solution of distilled water and sea salt. During our proprietary manufacturing process, the solution is charged with a powerful electric current that breaks apart the oxygen (O) molecules from the HO compound. These free O molecules then bond together to form a highly stable form of molecular oxygen called O. Because the O molecule is so stable, it is able to stay suspended in water for up to two years. Other so-called stabilized oxygen supplements contain compressed O gas that dissipates once the cap is opened, or else bond their "active" oxygen to salt molecules forming dangerously alkaline oxychlorine or oxy-halogen compounds. ASO®, unlike its predecessors, is pH balanced (7.4), completely non-toxic, and contains no chemical additives, colors, or preservatives. Just pure bioavailable oxygen.

Countless applications.

ASO® is a product like no other. Initially developed for commercial waste water purification purposes, the engineers behind ASO® quickly discovered a dynamic range of uses and benefits, from cleansing the skin to boosting energy levels. ASO®'s balanced pH, non-toxicity and high oxygen content make it the most versatile and safest concentrated oxygen supplement available today. And, because it can be used both internally and topically, it has become a universal oxygen delivery system.


  • is easily and rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream 
  • optimizes oxygen levels in the body for natural energy, mental clarity, and improved recovery from physical stressors
  • is a natural disinfectant 
  • supports cellular renewal by facilitating the assimilation and utilization of nutrients within the cells
  • is used by pro athletes, medical professionals, health practitioners, students and busy parents all over the world!