What is stabilized oxygen?
The term “stabilized oxygen” refers to oxygen atoms that are atomically bonded to other atoms, so that the resulting molecule (groups of two or more oxygen atoms) will remain stable in an aqueous (water) solution. Before the creation of ASO®, stabilized oxygen solutions contained oxygen atoms combined with chlorine atoms to form chlorine dioxide (chlorite) molecules (ClO2-). The problem with chlorite solutions is that they are extremely alkaline (pH 12 or more) and caustic to the membranes of the mouth and stomach. 

ASO®, however, contains only oxygen in a unique molecule called O4. Due to its large molecular size (it’s twice the size and weight of O2 — the oxygen we breathe) and the strong atomic bond between the atoms, the O4 molecule remains completely dissolved in water and doesn't dissipate out of the solution, regardless of the concentration of the ASO®.

What are the ingredients in ASO®?
There are only three ingredients in ASO®: distilled water, natural sea salt, and oxygen.

What's the difference between ASO® and ASO®Sport?
ASO® is a liquid dietary supplement containing activated stabilized oxygen molecules.
ASO®Sport contains ASO® plus plant-derived liquid minerals (we call them LTSM™ or Lyophylic Third State Minerals) which are added to enhance the muscle energy and recovery processes.

How does the oxygen in ASO® get into the bloodstream?
Independent research shows that the oxygen molecules in ASO® are quickly and easily absorbed into the bloodstream through capillaries in the mouth (sublingual absorption) as well as through the stomach lining.

ASO® smells a bit like "pool water". Does that means it contains chlorine?
ASO® does not contain chlorine. However, ASO® contains sodium chloride (natural sea salt) and during the manufacturing process these atoms are separated into Na+ and Cl- ions. Individuals may detect the smell of Cl- (chloride ions) as the Cl- ions evaporate.

How stable is the oxygen in ASO®?
ASO® is stable, but can lose its efficacy under certain conditions. The oxygen molecules in ASO® will become unstable when they come into contact with metal (like a stainless steel water bottle) or when combined with organic matter (food). The same goes for mixing ASO® with any juice or drink other than water. Therefore, for best results, consume ASO® at least one hour before or after eating.

Can you take ASO® with other supplements or medications?
ASO® should not be taken simultaneously with other dietary supplements or medications because ingredients in these formulations may destabilize the oxygen molecules in ASO®. However, ASO® retains its stability and effectiveness if taken at least an hour after other formulations.

Can I take too much ASO®?
ASO® can be taken at full strength or diluted in water. It is completely non-toxic and safe to consume in any amount.

Can pets/animals take ASO®?
Absolutely. ASO® has been used for many years by professional trainers and large animal vets in the horse breeding and racing industry. 

What about children?
Yes. The all-natural ingredients in ASO® are safe and beneficial for people of any age. 

Can ASO® be used to help preserve the quality of water stored for emergency purposes?
Yes! We recommend adding .5 oz of 35% ASO® for every gallon of stored water. Every 60-90 days, add an additional 1 oz solution per five gallons water to help control microorganisms and algae buildup. If the temperature of the stored water exceeds 80ºF/27ºC, then additional ASO® should be added every 30 days.

Is ASO® FDA approved?
ASO® falls under FDA guidelines for dietary supplements. It is not regulated by the FDA.